Our Pub

Nestling in the main street of this beautiful Cotswold hill village, the Black Hose Inn has been serving ale since the 1870's. Originally sold to The Stow Brewery in 1896 for £570 the Black Horse Inn is now one of 15 pubs within the portfolio of the Donnington Brewery

Donnington Brewery

The Brewery is located just outside Stow on the Wold but is sadly, not open to the public. The buildings that house the brewery were bought by Thomas Arkell in 1827 whose descendant Richard Arkell started a brewery there in 1865. Today the brewery is still owned and run by the Arkell family whose end products are the famous, traditional ales, BB and SBA.

The Village of Naunton

100 years ago Naunton was almost a closed community as men working on the farms or at the quarries, women wove and spun or made lace in the cottages and the village provided all the services expected in those days. If you walk through the village today you can see many relics of that time and glimpses much further back into history including an historic Dovecote